About Us

Oktoberfest 2002

Jerry, Joanna, Ric and Irene Oktoberfest 2002

After long careers in higher education (Jerry) and health care delivery (Joanna) and a move to Charlotte, NC from our hometown of Los Angeles, we both retired in 2014 and embarked on a long-nurtured plan to travel extensively.  This includes short and long trips, with extensive time spent in Europe and the United States.

Campos Combo

If It’s Not Fried, It’s Not a Taco

We use various forms of lodging including family and friends, camping (we still tent camp), hotels, and Airbnb.  Transportation is most often by car, although we’ve used trains and buses, particularly when abroad.

Our Site at Gardenside Acres

Our Site at Gardenside Acres (Note the Outhouse)

Eating well on the road is one of the joys of travel, experiencing the best of each country or region.  And checking out the sights of course, which often includes hiking or biking in some naturally beautiful location.

So, follow our lead and get out there.  The world is a big place and you need to see it as much of it as you can handle.  We’re certainly going to try our best!

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  1. So happy for both of you! Have a Dortmunder for me!

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