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Europe 2014 – Granada: How Steep is a 16% Grade?

Timeline: June 27th –July 1st After a couple of busy days sightseeing in Granada, added to a string of similar days from Seville on, we decided to spend the next two days hanging around camp and getting a couple of bike rides in.  I asked the campground owner I’d talked to before about potential routes […]

Europe 2014 – Granada and the Alhambra

Blog Post 7-14-14 Timeline: June 27th -30t We were a little nervous as we boarded the bus to go into town for our Sunday visit to the Alhambra.  The City of Granada was switching over its bus routes that morning, and we were uncertain as to how smoothly that would go.  Our bus from camp […]

Europe 2014 – Granada with the Ronda on the Way

Timeline: June 27th We got a fairly early start out of Gibraltar, as we wanted to complete our plan to sightsee on the way to Granada.  We had two potential destinations in mind; the Nerja Caves or the city of Ronda.  Only one of the two was possible as they lay in different directions from […]