October 18 – 27 We left Tombstone on a clear morning with blue skies that would follow us all day.  We decided not to stop in the downtown area (if you could call it that) to see the tourist street, multiple blocks of recreated late 1870’s cowboy town playing off the famous shoot out at […]

September 16 – 28 Sunday dawned bright and clear, and I hung out at the apartment until it was time to head up to Summit Coffee in Davidson to meet Joanna (after her book club outing) and members of her Carolina family, including Debi, daughter Kristen and her husband Brian, and Shaun’s partner Hannah and […]

September 16 – 28 I landed in Charlotte around noon for what would be almost a week of catching up with our many friends and former neighbors there.  Joanna picked me up at the airport and our first order of business was lunch, as we’d be consuming mass quantities of vino, as it our usual […]

September 16 – 28 In anticipation of our touring the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience at 1:30, Doug opted to miss the tour and have lunch with a relative who works downtown.  To kill time the rest of us hit a Starbuck’s a couple of blocks away, a welcome break from the alcohol-heavy routine we’d been […]

September 16 – 28 Arriving in downtown Louisville, we parked a couple of blocks away from the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory an attraction that showcases the story of Louisville Slugger baseball bats in baseball and in American history.  The facility is the fourth location where Louisville Slugger bats have been made, with the original […]

September 16 – 28 With some time to kill before our next tour, we made our way back north to Bardstown and after some debate, and driving around looking at options, settled on Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, which specializes in chicken, homestyle sides, and biscuits.  After the sale of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in 1964, […]

September 16 – 28 Our first full day on the Bourbon Trail would be a full one, both from a time elapsed standpoint and an enjoyment quotient perspective.  We’d be heading south 50 miles to the small town of Loretto, home of Maker’s Mark.  Long one of my favorite brands (I’ve also consumed prodigious quantities […]

September 16 – 28 We left the farm and having seen all that liquid pumping through the collection mechanism, realized that we all needed a bit of our own wet refreshment to carry us through the afternoon.  This led to a stop at Beachwood, the kind of casual bar you can often find close to […]

September 16 – 28 As mentioned in the last post, a few weeks after our return from Europe I had a total right knee replacement.  The surgery went well as did my recovery, which is long and somewhat arduous as one must be diligent about protecting the limb while it is healing as well as […]

June 2 – 28 For this trip, transportation expense was more than for a typical road trip as we purchased those Eurail passes, which were still an incredible bargain in terms of the number of individual trips and the distance we traveled.  If we were to have purchased single tickets for each of our legs, […]

June 2 – 28 As we wrap up this trip, we’ll examine how it differed from some in the past in that although we were cost conscious, we weren’t obsessive about it and has been a more recent pattern for us, did not include any camping.  This naturally makes the total expense higher as indoor […]