October 18 – 27 We left Tombstone on a clear morning with blue skies that would follow us all day.  We decided not to stop in the downtown area (if you could call it that) to see the tourist street, multiple blocks of recreated late 1870’s cowboy town playing off the famous shoot out at […]

June 20 – 22 As we resume our time in Pisa, we left the Baptistry and walked across the property to the two long buildings known as the Camposanto Monumentale or Monumental Cemetery.  This walled cemetery is said to have been built around a shipload of sacred soil from Calvary, brought back to Pisa from […]

June 20 – 22 Finished, we entered the plaza and had our first glimpse of what the afternoon was to bring, dispelling my uninformed idea of the place, thinking it was just going to be the tower, standing alone, with little else to see around it.  Boy was I wrong.  The 22-acre complex is known […]

June 20 – 22 After relaxing at the apartment for a while, we walked the couple of blocks it took us to arrive at Trattoria Da Giulio Surl, where we had made our reservations the day before.  The restaurant abuts the outer wall of Lucca and most of the seating is outside.  We arrived just […]

June 20 – 22 After breakfast the next day we set out to discover all we could about this charming walled Tuscan city of 89,000, with a provincial population of 384,000.  Lucca is known as one of the Italian’s “Città d’arte” (Arts town), thanks to its intact Renaissance-era city walls and its very well-preserved historic […]

June 20 – 22 Today would be a long and somewhat complicated day of travel, with three stops, Nice to Ventimiglia, then to Genoa, then to La Spezia Centrale, connecting to Viareggio and finally landing in Lucca.  We chose this route primarily because it didn’t require any seat reservations and wasn’t any shorter a trip […]

June 18 – 19 Happy New Year to all. I inadvertently posted this last Monday, a full week ahead of schedule so am pushing it today per my usual time table, that is one post a week until we do so much traveling that I’ll need to start posting more than once per week. So […]

June 15 – 17 We left Montpellier’s train station, bags in tow, and made our way through a construction zone to the tram station at Opera Comedie, the town’s main square.  Picking up a book of 10 rides for 10-euros ($10.49) we boarded the tram for the ride to Francois’ condo.  Once there, we settled […]

June 15 – 17 We finished breakfast at the Meininger, grabbed our bags and made the now less taxing trek to Gare Bordeaux and boarded the train to enjoy our reserved seats at a cost of 24.22-Euros ($26.40).  A couple of cups of coffee from the small food station in one of the cars complemented […]

Blog Post 12-11-22 June 14 Breakfast the next morning was as good as we anticipated with fresh baguettes and croissants upon which to spread different flavors of that house made jam, fresh goat cheese, local pork Rillettes, fruit salad, yogurts and more.  As we were beginning to come to appreciate, it was well worth the […]

June 9 – 14 As Joanna needed to leave early the next morning to catch the one bus that would take her to the town where she could get on the train to our final stop in Chinon, I enjoyed the breakfast at the hotel for a reasonable 10-Euros.  When I first arrived downstairs, it […]