October 18 – 27 We left Tombstone on a clear morning with blue skies that would follow us all day.  We decided not to stop in the downtown area (if you could call it that) to see the tourist street, multiple blocks of recreated late 1870’s cowboy town playing off the famous shoot out at […]

June 9 – 14 At 34 miles and about 600 feet of climbing, this would be the longest day of the three of riding.  Our destination would be the small town of Villandry, chosen simply because the distance was just about right for the day and there is a chateau there that Joanna could visit.  […]

June 9 – 14 After another hearty breakfast at the hotel, we packed up our bags, checked out, and then walked just down the block to Detours de Loire, the company I would be renting a bike from.  In addition to the rental, they would be transferring our bags from stop to stop.  We’ve embraced […]

June 9 – 14 We had some time to relax at the bus stop before its arrival, and then a ride of 20-minutes or so before landing at Château de Chambord for the rest of the afternoon.  We walked from the bus stop to the entrance to pay our entry fee of 14-euros apiece, the […]

June 9 – 14 Because of its history, the Loire Valley is home to more than a thousand castles and palaces of all shapes and sizes.  When a “valley address” became a must-have among 16th-century hunting-crazy royalty, rich Renaissance palaces replaced outdated medieval castles.  Hundreds of these castles and palaces are open to visitors, and […]

June 9 – 14 The next morning would signal the beginning of our true test of the train system and also take us into uncharted territory, the Loire Valley.  We would be spending two nights in Blois and to get there would require taking a couple of trains, beginning with the first out of Paris’ […]

June 6 – 8 With another round of sightseeing on tap that morning, we were disappointed to discover that our favorite bakery around the corner was closed that day.  Rats!!  Undaunted, we walked down Avenue Parmentier in hopes of finding a substitute when lo and behold, two very long blocks found us in front of […]

June 6 – 8 As reported earlier, I left Café Maa and entered the Musee Cluny for what would turn out to be an entertaining and enlightening visit.  The big attraction in this museum of the Middle Ages is the remnants of the third century Gallo-Roman baths known as the Thermes de Cluny, thermal baths […]

June 6 – 8 Starting with our journey to Paris this day, we begin our adventure of traveling by rail with the Eurail pass.  Although the initial cost of the pass was low, an additional cost comes with the need to purchase a seat reservation for some of the legs of any day’s travel.  In […]

June 2 – 5 After our day out we returned to the houseboat to relax some, including a short nap for each of us, and soon enough it was time to head out in search of dinner.  We walked back to Koningststraat thinking we might consider eating again at Eetcafe Vab Beeren since our first […]

June 2 – 5 I’ve been to Amsterdam six times and Joanna has made four visits including the ten nights we spent there in 2014, so, we didn’t feel compelled to hit every tourist site in town, indeed we had to do some searching to find one that we hadn’t been to.  And that turned […]