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Cycle North Carolina Spring Coast Ride 2017

  April 27-30 The end of the month rolled around and we prepared to depart for Oriental, North Carolina for three nights there to bicycle the Cycle North Carolina (CNC) Coastal Ride 2017. This is one of three multi-day rides this organization sponsors each year and includes a summer weekend long Mountain Ride and a […]

Stone Mountain State Park

  Timeline: July 11-14 After our return from the bike tour, we enjoyed some dedicated time at home, spent catching up with our Charlotte friends, riding our bikes regularly with the Charlotte Area Cyclists, and taking care of a few small projects around the house.  We’d planned on taking one mid-week camping trip and the […]

Blue Ridge Bliss – Part Two

Timeline: June 11-18 Our second day out (Monday) at a shade under 50 miles would also be one of our easier outings, as we worked our way slowly up the Parkway to the serious mileage and climbing we’d be tackling later in the week.  So far the weather gods had smiled favorably on us, bringing mild […]

Blue Ridge Bliss – Part One

Timeline: June 11-18 We returned home from the west coast with one imperative, start riding our bikes as much as we could to make up for the lack of training our busy spring travel schedule had caused. We had committed to (as in signing up and paying money) a weeklong 330-mile bicycle tour on the […]

When the Weather is Cold, Three Hikes in Three Days

  The first two months of the year have been quiet for us with little travel planned.  This wasn’t exactly deliberate but it just played out that way, a nice run of domesticity and routine leading up to what will be three months of pretty active travel.  First up will be a three week plus […]

We Thought You Retired, Part Two

  And so after our travels of October, I returned to Charlotte with a couple of months to go until our next outing to the West Coast for the holidays. Work would continue on campus coordinating both the ridership survey and the GIS mapping project. The survey launched the morning of November 6th, with an […]

We Thought You Retired

  When I left UNC Charlotte in May of 2014 I wasn’t sure how the retirement thing would play out, certain at the time that we would be traveling as much as we could, the six-month trip to Europe that year the kickoff to many more adventures. And for the first year or more, it […]