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Mexico: Mexico City, Part Eleven

December 1 – 4 We departed at our the Insurgentes Metro station and as we walked back up the pedestrian mall, felt inexplicitly drawn into a bustling Churro shop.  As in Puebla and quite a few times in Spain, one gets a portion of chocolate to dip the little bundles of fried goodness into.  Add […]

Mexico: Mexico City, Part Ten

December 1 – 4 Leaving the Trotsky house, we walked back over to Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s Museum and with still more time to kill, headed off in another direction in search of a Christmas market we’d heard might exist in the area.  We were on the hunt for a small angel for Sharon (aka […]

Mexico: Mexico City, Part Nine

December 1 – 4 I’m going to state up front that this would be one of those great travel days, one of many we’ve experienced during a lifetime of visiting people and places.  Nothing extraordinary happened but it contained just the right mixture of walking, touristy activities, and of course, good food and drink to […]

Mexico: Mexico City, Part Eight

December 1 – 4 Our 2 1/2-hour bus ride back to Mexico City proceeded smoothly and at a reasonable cost of 424 Pesos ($21.81) with a taxi ride to and from hotels running right around $6.  It was nice to get back to Hotel Casa Gonzalez, a familiar surrounding for us even though our room […]

Mexico: Puebla, Part Four

November 28-30 We continued walking to the base of the hill, then joined a procession of other pedestrians using the sloping path to make our way up to the top and the Santuario de la Virgen de los Remedios (Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies) the 16th-century Catholic parish church built between May 1574 and […]