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Europe 2022 – Amsterdam, Part Three

June 2 – 5 After our day out we returned to the houseboat to relax some, including a short nap for each of us, and soon enough it was time to head out in search of dinner.  We walked back to Koningststraat thinking we might consider eating again at Eetcafe Vab Beeren since our first […]

Europe 2022 – Amsterdam, Part Two

June 2 – 5 I’ve been to Amsterdam six times and Joanna has made four visits including the ten nights we spent there in 2014, so, we didn’t feel compelled to hit every tourist site in town, indeed we had to do some searching to find one that we hadn’t been to.  And that turned […]

Europe 2022 – Amsterdam, Part One

June 2 – 5 We booked our flights on Delta and for a couple of hundred bucks apiece upgraded to Comfort Plus for all four flights (LA to Seattle, Seattle to Amsterdam, Munich to Detroit, and Detroit to LA), the extra legroom and free drinks well worth the added expense.  We had a nice layover […]

Europe 2014 – Amsterdam – Edam, The Disneyland of Cheese

Timeline: August 9th – 15th Keen to continue day tripping, we set out for Edam and its famous Wednesday cheese market the next day. Located not far from Vliegenbos, the drive didn’t take too long and as we pulled into the outskirts of town we were directed into a grassy parking lot already more than […]

Europe 2014 – Amsterdam – Bikes and Delft

Timeline: August 9th – 15th Editors Note: The last paragraph of the last post had a typo. Here is the corrected version: We love to eat out and yet, that meal in camp, an inexpensive bottle of wine lubricating the gears, evolves from a simple act of preparation into the constant that keeps you grounded. […]

Europe 2014 – Amsterdam – Alone Again, Naturally

Timeline: August 9th – 15th Editors Note: The ride we did the day Beverly was in Copenhagen was not to Marken, but around the neighborhood, about 12 miles round trip. It gave us a good grounding regarding what was near Vliegenbos and provided just the right amount of exercise to fuel a good evening with […]

Europe 2014 – Amsterdam (Bev) – Kansas Meets Amsterdam

Timeline: August 5th – 9th Anticipating a complicated morning and hoping to be able to make a move to Field Three before we ran our various errands, we bought some coffee and chocolate croissants from the market and then checked in at Reception to see about moving. The gods of travel smiled upon us that […]

Europe 2014 – Amsterdam (Bev) – Welcome to Field Number Two at Vliegenbos

Timeline: August 5th – 9th Paul at the Fevery suggested we drive a different route to Amsterdam, one that would take us closer to the coast and allow for a visit to Veere, a charming Dutch village along the way. It was indeed a scenic drive, but unfortunately as we pulled into Veere, there was […]

Europe 2007 – The Start of a New Adventure, Part Three

The drive up to Amsterdam took a little under three hours, made a bit longer as we got lost a couple of times in confusing interchanges on the freeways.  Our plans for the stay were to meet up with our good friend Doug Hoggatt (aka the Griz) at the Hotel Acacia in the Jordaan.  Doug […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part One

By the end of 1983 we had started planning for a big trip, one that would take us on a grand adventure.  This was primarily the result of a couple of unrelated factors, each equally important in pushing us to commit to a plan where we would leave our jobs and travel for multiple months. […]