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Europe – Why Do We Love It So 1977, Part Two

And so, I arrived in Calais, bidding my German acquaintances a fond auf Wiedersehen and wondering what opportunities I might have passed up in doing so.  The road taken though doesn’t allow for much looking back or regrets as I purchased my passage across the channel and prepared to wait for the next ferry.  It […]

Europe 1998 – A Journey Rewarded, Part Four

The flight on Ryan Air, a pioneering company that changed how folks travel there, was uneventful.  Our first on an airline within Europe; on prior trips you either drove or took the train, as intercity travel by air was very expensive.  Ryan Air’s introduction of Southwest Airlines model pricing and penchant for flying in and […]

Europe 1998 – A Journey Rewarded, Part Three

We would see Lynn and Tony again back in the States more than once when they would make a trip to the west coast to visit the other members of the Kelly family.  The vagaries of life do not always play out the way one expects, nor desires.  Having once been included, as members of […]

Europe 1998 – A Journey Rewarded, Part Two

A pleasant day on the train awaited us as we made our way northeast to York.  Able to grab facing bench seats with a table in between, we read, played games and snacked as the train rolled through beautiful English countryside. Arriving in town in the afternoon, we made our way to our lodging, the […]

Europe 1998 – A journey Rewarded, Part One

The next six years would include challenge, growth, and loss for our family.  In the fall of 1995, I began my MBA studies at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), an experience that would bring me a graduate degree and many lifelong connections, none more rewarding than getting to work with Dr. Rachelle Katz, the Associate Dean […]

Europe 1979 – The Adventure Continues

I returned briefly to Los Angeles in late 1977 and would then join Doug Hoggatt for nine months in Hemet (a time truly to be remembered), then six months living in the Sierra Nevada gold rush country (Murphy’s and Angels Camp) working for the State of California harvesting pine cones with Norm Benson, a gig […]

Europe 1977 – The Start of the Adventure

Waxing philosophical will play a role in this blog, but at other times posts will be more mundane.  Where we went, what we ate, who we saw.  You get the drill.  This one will begin to explore the history of our travels to Europe and why it is the first big destination for us as […]