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Updated Post for Normandy

For some reason, the email of the posting for Normandy did not include any pictures.  If you still have the email, you can follow the link to the World Press website to see the post, or just click on this link where you will see it with the pictures

Europe 2014 – Caen and Normandy Beaches – A Sobering Day of Reflection (Re-Post)

The original post yesterday did not include the pictures so am resending it to see if it will correct the problem. Timeline: July 31st  – August 1st We had intended to get an early start on Thursday in order to drive to Mont Saint Michel for the day before spending the next two nights in […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Two

We set out from Paris on July 25th to spend about a week traveling and camping along the Normandy coast.  Our first stop was Rouen, famous as the place where Joan of Arc was executed in 1431. After two nights we drove south paralleling the coast, with the top down, through Dieppe, Le Havre, Honfleur, […]