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Holiday 2014 – On the Road to New Year’s

December 28-31, 2014 With an overnight stop in San Clemente to visit long time friends Jan and Evan, we arrived back at Joanna’s Mom’s house for two more nights before heading up to Oakland for five nights at Jessica’s and to ring in the New Year.  I get to see Evan a few times a […]

Holiday 2014 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

December 20-28, 2014 The three days leading up to Christmas were spent primarily connecting with the friends and places familiar to us as long time residents of Los Angeles; Joanna also spent quality time with her Mother. One of our first stops was dinner at Paco’s on Centinela at Washington. Anyone that knows us is […]

Holiday 2014 – Kansas, Denver, and Las Vegas, the Trifecta – Part Three

December 12-19, 2014 The ten hour drive to Las Vegas went smoothly but with a cold start; as we cleared 12,000 foot Loveland Pass the temperature readout on the car signaled 16 degrees. Road conditions were good given the snowstorm that had blown through a day or so earlier; winter travel does mean dealing with […]

Holiday 2014 – Kansas, Denver, and Las Vegas, the Trifecta – Part Two

December 12-19, 2014 Life is funny sometimes. You can go a year or more without seeing someone and then in the space of a month see them twice. Such was the visit to see Doug. Separated from the excitement and distraction of his birthday weekend five weeks earlier, it was a pleasure to be able […]

Charlotte is ripe for employment

Throughout our travels, and indeed our time in Charlotte, I’m asked about the city and what it is like.  I often reply it reminds me of Los Angeles in that it is a city of immigrants, that is most of the folks that I meet are from some other place.  This article from today’s Charlotte […]

Holiday 2014 – Kansas, Denver, and Las Vegas, the Trifecta – Part One

December 12-19, 2014 Our three nights in Colony with Beverly and Bill were filled with the things all families do when reuniting after some time apart. Lots of conversation flowed as we caught up with each other’s lives, how the kids were doing, the latest updates on other family members and a bit of local […]

How English took over the world – From The Week

This brief article from the current issue of The Week bolsters my contention that we found English to be much more prevalent last year in Europe than in prior trips. John McWhorter The Wall Street Journal The future belongs to the English language, said John McWhorter. English is rapidly becoming what the creators of Esperanto […]

Holiday 2014 – On the Road Again

With the prospect of being able to take the Highlander west dangling in front of us, the next week would prove to be nerve wracking. Although we were confident the Expedition would make the trip in good stead, we much preferred the Toyota for its all wheel drive capability (winter driving conditions could require it), […]