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KC Wedding – Natchez Trace, Part Four

April 27 – May 9 As planned, we spent the morning taking care of errands leaving the afternoon free to do the one thing we’d come here for, that is to tour one of the famous sound studios in the area.  There are three available, but the two worth visiting are: FAME Studios and Muscle […]

KC Wedding – Natchez Trace, Part Three

April 27 – May 9 On the way to the entrance to the Trace we stopped, as mentioned in the prior post, for a couple of really, really good donuts at The Donut Shop Café, a combo donut shop and small café serving breakfast items.  We polished off two of those bad boys plus kept […]

KC Wedding – Natchez Trace, Part Two

April 27 – May 9 For our one full day in Jackson, we’d originally planned to tour the state capital building but soon discovered that it being Saturday, that option was out as the facility was closed.  Instead, we started with, and spent a full morning at, the Mississippi Ag and Forestry Museum, a 39-acre […]

KC Wedding – Natchez Trace, Part One

April 29 – May 9 Today we’d be heading up to Jackson, Mississippi for a couple of nights and I would ride a section of the Natchez Trace on my bike while Joanna followed in the car.  The Trace is a historic forest trail which extends roughly 440 miles from Nashville, Tennessee, to Natchez, Mississippi, […]

KC Wedding – Natchez, Part Two

April 27 – 28 The next morning, we set out to fill the day up with sights in Natchez and our first stop was just up the street at Stanton Hall.  Also known as Belfast, it was built in the 1850s and is known as one of the most opulent antebellum mansions to survive in […]