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Montreal 2018 – Part Three

April 12-16 With the wedding scheduled to start in the early afternoon, we were up pretty early and with coffee made, laid into the “Francois” breakfast we’d assembled, Dillon requesting it as it reminded him of the picnic we’d had in Paris in 2015 with his then girlfriend Simone, Beverly, Francois and myself. With temperatures […]

Montreal 2018 – Part Two

April 12-16 As planned we hit the pavement early for a day of sightseeing, using a walking tour provided in a Montreal guidebook I’d purchased.  We walked for a mile or so towards the St. Lawrence River and once we reached Place d’Armes (which contains a monument to Paul de Chomedey, founder of Montreal) stopped […]

Montreal 2018 – Part One

April 12-16 We returned from Europe on Wednesday November 15th and three days later flew to Las Vegas to spend a week with the Mitchells and celebrate Thanksgiving with them, driving to Los Angeles for two nights and then returned for a Turkey Day of Mitchell-esque proportions, with more people attending than one could count, […]