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Europe 2014 – Roma – We Visit Great a Big Cathedral and Big Ruins

Timeline: October 16th – 18th After we made a quick switch of our units the next morning we departed for town to get to St. Peter’s early. As we walked from the bus stop (didn’t have to use the metro for this leg) we noticed slightly less foot traffic, a good sign, which rewarded us […]

Europe 2014 – Roma – We Visit A Great Big Museum

Timeline: October 16th – 18th The next two days in Rome would be busy ones, with many sites of interest to be explored. We had purchased our tickets in advance for the Vatican Museum, scheduled to enter it at 2:00pm on Friday the 17th. We left for town on the bus and the metro planning […]

Europe 2014 – Roma Pre – We Bid Arrividerchi to Lyndsay and Prepare for Nicole

Timeline: October 15th – 16th Our ride out to the airport to drop off Lyndsay went a bit smoother than our drive in to camp the night before. Rome’s airport sits about 15 miles west of town towards the sea and we drove against traffic streaming into the city for work. We bade farewell to […]

Europe 1979 – The Adventure Continues

I returned briefly to Los Angeles in late 1977 and would then join Doug Hoggatt for nine months in Hemet (a time truly to be remembered), then six months living in the Sierra Nevada gold rush country (Murphy’s and Angels Camp) working for the State of California harvesting pine cones with Norm Benson, a gig […]