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Europe 2002 – Return to Ludwig’s Way (Koning-Ludwig’s Weg), Part Two

Note to Readers.  While looking through prior posts this one appears to not have been posted.  If it is a duplicate, sorry about that! Up early to get on the trail, checking in luggage at the Hauptbahnhof went smoothly and we then boarded the S6 line for our ride out to the last stop at […]

Europe 2002 – Return to Ludwig’s Way (Koning-Ludwig’s Weg), Part Three

Isn’t funny how a very long hiking experience the day before will make an 11-mile section seem short in comparison.  That’s what our hike through the Ammer Gorge felt like.  The going was relatively easy and an hour or so into the day, we came out of some forest and stopped at a hunters cabin […]

Europe 2002 – Return to Ludwig’s Way (Koning-Ludwig’s Weg), Part One

As the year 2002 approached and with it our 20th anniversary, Joanna and I both thought it appropriate to return to Europe much as we had done to celebrate our 10th in 1992.  I had been contemplating for some time to put together the type of adventure you might see advertised in a brochure or […]