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The Chevy Wagon

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ACUI San Antonio – A Little Taste of Texas, Part Five

April 4-17 We met Roberta and Mark at Mellow Johnny’s as planned and spent a bit more time there perusing the stock, particularly the attractive jersey’s and short combinations (kits) offered. Unfortunately like most good bike clothing, they were a bit more than I wanted to spend at that time. I instead opted for a […]

ACUI San Antonio – A Little Taste of Texas, Part Four

April 4-17 It rained pretty hard that first night, a fitting test for the new tent, which we found held up quite well to the downpour. Gaining a secure environment with a new tent requires a bit of patience as you make minor adjustments to the set up and pitch. It would take us a […]

ACUI San Antonio – A Little Taste of Texas, Part Three

April 4-17 Late in the week we’d connected with Dave again and arranged to meet at their place on Saturday to ride our bikes on the north section of the Salado Creek Greenway. We arrived late in the morning and after unloading the bikes from the car took off to ride the few blocks to […]