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East Coast Fall 2021 – New Jersey and Maryland, Part Two

October 21-23 Later that afternoon Joanna and Jan returned, and we spent the rest of the day talking and helping Jan set up her Social Security account, which turned out to be quite the adventure as she was doing so on her cell phone, the small screen making the process a bit harder than if […]

Philadelphia, Part Seven

Timeline: March 18-27 As planned, our last day in Chincoteague started early with breakfast at the Best Western, than a drive into the refuge to park at the trailhead for the Marsh and Wildlife Trails. We opted to start with the Marsh Trail, a short half mile walk that took us out into the heart […]

Philadelphia, Part Six

Timeline: March 18-27 With a relatively short drive to Baltimore to visit our Nephew Jed, we took our time leaving Philadelphia, making a stop at the Starbucks across the corner from the apartment for a large latté and one of their consistently good breakfast sandwiches before retrieving the car from the parking lot. The drive […]