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Europe 1998 – A Journey Rewarded, Part Two

A pleasant day on the train awaited us as we made our way northeast to York.  Able to grab facing bench seats with a table in between, we read, played games and snacked as the train rolled through beautiful English countryside. Arriving in town in the afternoon, we made our way to our lodging, the […]

Europe 1998 – A journey Rewarded, Part One

The next six years would include challenge, growth, and loss for our family.  In the fall of 1995, I began my MBA studies at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), an experience that would bring me a graduate degree and many lifelong connections, none more rewarding than getting to work with Dr. Rachelle Katz, the Associate Dean […]

Europe 1992 – Jessica’s Hungarian Birthday, Part Four

We would spend five full days at Francois and Heike’s, marveling at how all of our lives had changed in the eight years since our last visit in 1984.  In that time, we’d all had children, purchased homes, and pretty much settled into the careers that would sustain us through adulthood. This connection to Francois […]

Europe 1992 – Jessica’s Hungarian Birthday, Part Three

We left on October 18th heading to Prague, figuring it would take us a couple of days of driving as we were going to take smaller roads and make a stop at Aggtelek National Park, which is a couple of hours northeast of Eger.   Aggtelek is the first Hungarian national park to be dedicated to […]

Europe 1992 – Jessica’s Hungarian Birthday, Part Two

Leaving Vienna behind, we embarked for Budapest on a gloomy overcast day.  I was under the weather and so Joanna did the lion’s share of the driving that day.  It’s important to remember that for the next week or more, we’d be traveling through areas formerly under communist control, and that tourist related services we […]

Europe 1992 – Jessica’s Hungarian Birthday, Part One

Eight years would pass before we would visit Europe again.  In those intervening years: I returned to working at ASUCLA, We purchased the Wade Street house from my parents, Jessica was born in 1988, One day while I was making copies at ASUCLA Margaret Snow tapped me on the shoulder and advised me to keep […]

Europe 1984 – the Big Trip, Part Seven

Landing at JFK, we picked up a shuttle that took us to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, close to our next destination, Jan and Brian Dobbs house in nearby Voorhees.  Jan is a childhood friend of Joanna’s and remains so to this day.  She had moved back to New Jersey when they were in High School, […]