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Europe 2014 – Lisbon, Could this be California?

Following the routine that we’d established earlier, our plan for the next couple of days would be to try to get a couple of bike rides in before we left for Sevilla. We arose the morning of the 18th and set out just before noon intending to find a rumored bike path down to the […]

Europe 2014 – Lisbon, Try it on a Baguette

Our second day in camp would bring another trip into Lisbon for sightseeing.  When you are traveling like we are, there is a rhythm to each town.  You arrive in camp and set up, becoming familiar with its features.  Your first foray into town is full of uncertainty, not knowing where the bus will take […]

Europe 2014 – Lisbon, One Cold Beer to Go

With just a few hours of driving ahead of us, I took the wheel for the journey.  We decided to give the toll roads a chance, mainly to save time, and to see if Portuguese law enforcement was on the lookout for us.  The drive went smoothly, passing through two manned toll stations, both of […]

Europe 2014 – Porto, It Grows on You

A nice morning greeted us and we made our way into Porto on the bus with a full schedule of sightseeing on the agenda.  As had been, and would be the case in the future, the bus stop was not far from the campground providing a ride into town, about 20 minutes with a final […]

Europe 2014 – Porto, Welcome to Portugal

We broke camp at Cancelas and with a somewhat short drive to Porto, decided to try to find out what those interesting buildings were on the top of the hill that we’d aimed for on our bike ride a day or so earlier.  Joanna had picked up some information at the campsite for this complex, […]