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Europe 2007 – The Start of a New Adventure, Part Three

The drive up to Amsterdam took a little under three hours, made a bit longer as we got lost a couple of times in confusing interchanges on the freeways.  Our plans for the stay were to meet up with our good friend Doug Hoggatt (aka the Griz) at the Hotel Acacia in the Jordaan.  Doug […]

Europe 2007 – The Start of a New Adventure, Part Two

After another fine breakfast, we loaded up the BMW and began our journey west to Bruges, Belgium.  On the way we made a brief stop in Birkenfield, the area my Uncle Chuck was stationed when I visited he and his family in 1977. Unable to find any locations that sparked a memory, we moved on […]

Europe 2007 – The Start of a New Adventure, Part One

The year 2007 marked our 25th anniversary and plans for a celebratory return to Europe began early in the year.  We set aside the last two weeks of October for the trip in order to be there on our actual anniversary date, October 30th.  It would be a year of transition for us, concluding with […]