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Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Seven

October 6 – 9, Burgos to Sahagun We arrived just before noon at the Burgos bus station and walked the short distance to the municipal albergue we’d be using for our lodging. It didn’t open until 1pm and so we ordered a coffee from the handy bar across the street and talked for a bit […]

Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Six

October 4- 6, Santo Domingo to Burgos We walked just outside of the historic center of town and located Pension Miguel, heading up a flight of stairs to be greeted by a very enthusiastic proprietor who spoke Spanish only at a mile a minute but curiously, maybe because of the time we’ve spent here, I […]

Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Five

October 1-4, to Logrono to Santo Domingo We arose the next morning to an almost deserted Albergue; staff wouldn’t arrive until after we had left. We had some time to kill with Planeta Aqua not opening until 9:30, so we dawdled a bit over the breakfast items we’d purchased at the market the day before. […]

I Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Four

September 28 – October 1, Puente La Reina to Logrono The River Arga We left Puente La Reina on a cool morning that warmed up fast, our good luck with weather holding steady, another great day for hiking with moderate temperatures and blue skies. On the way out of town we’d stopped briefly to take […]

Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Three

September 27 – 28, Pamplona to Puente La Reina Forgotten Photo of our Entrance to Zubiri We’d originally planned to just hike 8 miles or so each day the first week to get ourselves into shape. That plan flew out the window our first couple of days as we followed our primary guide book, Hiking […]

Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Two

September 24 – 26, Orisson to Zubiri We slept OK that night, the snoring of one of our Australian female roommates hardly an annoyance and preparing us for future nights of sleeping in rooms with groups of other folks. We awoke to the alarm at 6am in pitch dark; it wouldn’t get light out until […]