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Europe 2017 – Crete, Part One

September 3-8 We arrived in Heraklion early in the morning, roughly between 6 and 7am and made the long trek from the harbor, quite a bit of it uphill, to the El Greco, our hotel for the night. At just 43 euros with what would be a pretty good breakfast, it established a pattern we’d […]

Europe 2017 – Athens and the Ferry

September 2 We breakfasted at the Phaedra and then did the one chore that is absolutely necessary on any long trip, one not often described in detail in any guidebook and yet requires an outlay of cash and an hour or two of lost time.  Yes, that’s right…. the laundry. We’d spotted a place not […]

Europe 2017 – The Peloponnese – Part Five

August 28 – September 1 Our last day with the tour would be a long one with a stop at the monasteries at Meteora, a jog back up north to Thermopylae and then a lengthy afternoon’s drive back to Athens. The climb by bus up to our first destination took a bit of time on […]

Europe 2017 – The Peloponnese – Part Four

August 28 – September 1 We had another early start Thursday morning in order to beat the crowds that flock to Delphi. Perched high on the southern slopes of Mt. Parnassus, and overlooking the Gulf of Corinth, it is possibly the most spectacular of Greece’s ancient sites. Back in the day, Delphi, also known as […]

Europe 2017 – The Peloponnese – Part Three

August 28 – September 1 After another filling buffet breakfast, we gathered in front of the hotel for 8:30 am start to get to the Olympia site before the cruise ship tours arrived.  We arrived at the site shortly thereafter and entered the Sanctuary of Olympia archeological portion to spend a couple of hours touring […]

Europe 2017 – The Peloponnese – Part Two

August 28 – September 1 We checked out of the Nafplia Palace and took a taxi (supplied by the tour) down to the harbor to meet the bus.  We’d be joining a four-day group and unlike the day before, this bus was packed; so much so we considered ourselves lucky to get two seats next […]

Europe 2017 – The Peloponnese – Part One

August 28 – September 1 For the next part of our visit to Greece, we decided to do something we’d not done before as travelers, that is take a five-day guided bus tour which would cover the major sites of the Peloponnese.  Using Trip Advisor as a guide for references and checking out various options, […]