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Europe 2022 – Paris, Part Three

June 6 – 8 With another round of sightseeing on tap that morning, we were disappointed to discover that our favorite bakery around the corner was closed that day.  Rats!!  Undaunted, we walked down Avenue Parmentier in hopes of finding a substitute when lo and behold, two very long blocks found us in front of […]

Europe 2022 – Paris, Part Two

June 6 – 8 As reported earlier, I left Café Maa and entered the Musee Cluny for what would turn out to be an entertaining and enlightening visit.  The big attraction in this museum of the Middle Ages is the remnants of the third century Gallo-Roman baths known as the Thermes de Cluny, thermal baths […]

Europe 2022 – Paris, Part One

June 6 – 8 Starting with our journey to Paris this day, we begin our adventure of traveling by rail with the Eurail pass.  Although the initial cost of the pass was low, an additional cost comes with the need to purchase a seat reservation for some of the legs of any day’s travel.  In […]

Europe – Why Do We Love It So 1977, Part Two

And so, I arrived in Calais, bidding my German acquaintances a fond auf Wiedersehen and wondering what opportunities I might have passed up in doing so.  The road taken though doesn’t allow for much looking back or regrets as I purchased my passage across the channel and prepared to wait for the next ferry.  It […]

Copenhagen, Part Three

10/5-10/14 Our plans for an early start were sidetracked as we all slept in pretty late, given our post midnight bedtime the night before and the long tiring day that preceded it.  Bev’s knock on or door roused Francois and I around 9am and within a short time, we’d showered, dressed and prepared for another […]

Copenhagen, Part Two

10/5-10/14 Maria gave Bev and I a ride to the Vedbaek train station making our trip to the Copenhagen airport simpler than if we’d walked down to the take the bus.  Simone and Dillon were to meet us at the airport and while we waited for them there, we each got a bite to eat, […]

Europe 2014 – Montigny – The Last Time We Visit Francois Here, the End of an Era

Timeline: October 25th – 28th Up early for our long drive to Montigny (we’d reconfigured the car the day before, putting the bikes inside) we hit the breakfast room promptly at 7am and filled up for the road ahead. It was still a bit dark out as we backed the car from the narrow space […]

Europe 2014 – Versailles – The Ultimate Palace, Just Not in July

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th I’ll put it right out there.  This ended up being a long day full of challenges, hard physical work, overwhelming conditions at Versailles all capped off by a dinner so full of life, we went well into the night.  It’s one I’ll long remember for the way all three of […]

Europe 2014 – Paris – The Tower at Night

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th Having been up late the night before for the big announcement, we slept in on Tuesday and got a later start knowing that the next day would bring an early departure, as we would be checking out of the Cosmos and heading out to Versailles. We left mid-morning and on […]

Europe 2014 – Paris – This Town’s Greatest Hits

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th We determined that Monday was going to be full day with Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower on the docket whereby we’d start to utilize the Metro and Bus systems to more efficiently move around town.  Having noted the lines at Notre Dame on Saturday, we resolved to get there […]