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Holiday 2014 – The Long Drive East, Part Two

January 26-30, 2015 Compared to our first couple of days on the road, our drive to Mobile seemed short at about six hours. Interstate 10 takes you past New Orleans and through Bayou Country, miles upon miles of swamp bordering each side of the highway. A stop at a Chik-fil-A netted us a chicken sandwich, […]

Holiday 2014 – The Long Drive East, Part One

January 26-30, 2015 We set off the morning of Monday, January 26th to begin what would be a number of long days of driving. Our plan was to put in ten hours plus to Las Cruces, New Mexico, then twelve hours to Houston, Texas for two nights with Stephanie and Lee, a short six hour […]

Holiday 2014 – Encinitas Revisited

January 23-25, 2015 With just a short drive to Encinitas on tap for the day, we dawdled a bit at Joanna’s Mom’s house, taking her out to breakfast to Maxwell’s Café on Washington east of Lincoln. Here’s a review for it that I wrote for Trip Advisor: I’ve been going to Maxwell’s Cafe since the […]

Holiday 2014 – Los Angeles – Time to Connect with the Past, Part Two

The next few days would hold more of the same activity, getting together with the many friends we still have in the Los Angeles area. Ron and I met up late morning on Wednesday and had an enjoyable nearly forty-mile bike ride down to the fountain at Malaga Cove. The day before I’d done a […]

Holiday 2014 – Los Angeles; Time to Connect with the Past

January 19-22, 2015 The drive to Los Angeles on Monday went quickly enough, traveling the familiar I-5 south through Central Valley farmland and cattle ranches. We’ve registered countless thousands of miles of travel on this stretch of highway and watched it develop from a lone ribbon of concrete with virtually no services to a heavily […]

Holiday 2014 – Oakland – City Lights at Night, Part Two

January 16-18, 2015 Given the whirlwind of activity we engaged in during our prior stay in Oakland, we decided to keep this visit a bit lower key. That meant a relaxing morning in the apartment, catching up on reading and other small chores and then a short trek up to Berkeley in the afternoon to […]

Holiday 2014 – Oakland – City Lights at Night

January 16-18, 2015 We packed up for an early start the morning of Friday the 16th, preparing for the anticipated nine hours of driving it would take us to get to Oakland and any troublesome road conditions we might encounter. I’d washed the car the day before at a self-service establishment as its prior condition, […]

Holiday 2014 – Bend Again

January 13-15, 2015 Our destination for the day was my brother Chuck’s house in Bend, Oregon. He moved there from Southern California in 2009, purchasing a house and getting a part time job with a veteran’s outreach organization, COVO. Both of these factors have had a positive impact on his life and we were looking […]

Holiday 2014 – The Last House on the Dirt Road off the County Road – Part 2

January 8-12, 2015 On Saturday, with a visit to Grants Pass for dinner scheduled for the evening, Joanna and I took our bikes out for a ride down to Selma and back. It was cold, but not uncomfortably so, and the work of cycling warmed us up after a time. We’d originally thought about taking […]

Holiday 2014 – The Last House on the Dirt Road off the County Road

January 8-12, 2015 Before we drove out of Fort Bragg we made two stops, the first at Headlands Coffee House (recommended by Norm) and then at the North Coast Brewery Store. Many years ago Joanna and I established a comfortable rhythm during our long driving days, where I usually start for a couple of hours […]