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South East Spring Swing, New Orleans #4

March 24-26 The planned activity for our last day in town would be a guided walking tour of the French Quarter and then a lazy crawl through the lower quarter and a visit to Frenchmen Street. First up though we devoured an excellent egg scramble Lyndsay put together using the remnants of her Dream Burger […]

South East Spring Swing, New Orleans #3

  March 24-26 After a day of staying indoors with a heavy dose of museum, we decided to dial back our ambition on Friday and take advantage of a beautiful day weather wise with a first stop at Lafayette Cemetery #1.  Located in the heart of the Garden District, it is the oldest of the […]

South East Spring Swing, New Orleans #2

March 24-26 We broke camp Thursday morning, beating an incoming rain storm with just enough time to pack our equipment dry, then sat in the car to read and get caught up on email.  At the appointed time we checked out of the KOA and drove to the French Quarter to pick up Lyndsay and […]

South East Spring Swing, New Orleans #1

  March 19-23 Rain had greeted us upon our arrival in New Orleans but departed by early Sunday morning leaving us with a clear, but cold start to the day. We had hoped to get a bike ride in before I left for the Marriott at the French Quarter and the start of the conference, […]

South East Spring Swing, Corpus Christi #2

March 16-18 Knowing that we would need to get an early start the next day for the long drive to New Orleans (made longer due to the closure of the I-10), we slept in and dawdled Friday morning.  Once we got ready to move out we bandied about several options and decided to make it […]

South East Spring Swing, Baton Rouge

March 12-13 The drive on Monday to Baton Rouge went smoothly, again just a shade over six hours of drive time.  We passed through familiar territory, particularly stretches of the I-10 having come this way a couple of times in our travels last year.  This is bayou country, with long sections of roadway built on […]