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Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Two

We set out from Paris on July 25th to spend about a week traveling and camping along the Normandy coast.  Our first stop was Rouen, famous as the place where Joan of Arc was executed in 1431. After two nights we drove south paralleling the coast, with the top down, through Dieppe, Le Havre, Honfleur, […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part One

By the end of 1983 we had started planning for a big trip, one that would take us on a grand adventure.  This was primarily the result of a couple of unrelated factors, each equally important in pushing us to commit to a plan where we would leave our jobs and travel for multiple months. […]

Europe 1982 – Our Shared Adventure Begins

Upon my return to Los Angeles in early April, I set about looking for a new job.  This search would lead me to UCLA, the place where I would end up spending the bulk of my career.  The job itself was as a low-level supervisor, but it put me on campus and introduced me to […]