Monthly Archives: March 2016

South East Spring Swing, Baton Rouge

March 12-13 The drive on Monday to Baton Rouge went smoothly, again just a shade over six hours of drive time.  We passed through familiar territory, particularly stretches of the I-10 having come this way a couple of times in our travels last year.  This is bayou country, with long sections of roadway built on […]

South East Spring Swing, Birmingham

March 12-13 Our plan for the next three plus weeks is to spend a week getting to New Orleans, a week there, and then ten days or so working our way home.  First stop of the trip was a repeat of last year, two nights with our good friend Carolyn in Birmingham, Alabama.  This is […]

When the Weather is Cold, Three Hikes in Three Days

  The first two months of the year have been quiet for us with little travel planned.  This wasn’t exactly deliberate but it just played out that way, a nice run of domesticity and routine leading up to what will be three months of pretty active travel.  First up will be a three week plus […]