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Europe 2022 – Amsterdam, Part Three

June 2 – 5 After our day out we returned to the houseboat to relax some, including a short nap for each of us, and soon enough it was time to head out in search of dinner.  We walked back to Koningststraat thinking we might consider eating again at Eetcafe Vab Beeren since our first […]

Europe 2022 – Amsterdam, Part Two

June 2 – 5 I’ve been to Amsterdam six times and Joanna has made four visits including the ten nights we spent there in 2014, so, we didn’t feel compelled to hit every tourist site in town, indeed we had to do some searching to find one that we hadn’t been to.  And that turned […]

Europe 2022 – Amsterdam, Part One

June 2 – 5 We booked our flights on Delta and for a couple of hundred bucks apiece upgraded to Comfort Plus for all four flights (LA to Seattle, Seattle to Amsterdam, Munich to Detroit, and Detroit to LA), the extra legroom and free drinks well worth the added expense.  We had a nice layover […]

KC Wedding – The Wedding, Part One

May 11 – 16 As anticipated, the drive to Kansas City was an easy one and we arrived at McKenzie and Dillon’s (M&D) place by mid-afternoon Tuesday.  It would be a busy week as the days would be filled with preparation for the wedding taking place on Saturday, which I would have the honor of […]

KC Wedding – Natchez, Part Two

April 27 – 28 The next morning, we set out to fill the day up with sights in Natchez and our first stop was just up the street at Stanton Hall.  Also known as Belfast, it was built in the 1850s and is known as one of the most opulent antebellum mansions to survive in […]

KC Wedding – Natchez, Part One

April 27 – 28 We closed out our stay at the Best Western in Galveston and drove the short distance to the ferry landing for our ride across the channel to the eastern mainland for the seven-hour drive to Natchez.  It was nice to be back behind the wheel after our lengthy stay, and although […]

KC Wedding – Galveston, Part Two

April 20-26 Now knowing we would be staying in Galveston through the following Tuesday, we spent most of the next day, Friday, running some errands around town to pick up food to cook and some accessories to assist Joanna with that big cast she had on her right arm.  While out driving around later in […]

East Coast Fall 2021 – Charlotte, Part One

October 29 – November 2 We took off that Friday morning for five nights in Charlotte that would pass by in a blur as we made a valiant effort to touch as many of our friends there as we could, for the most part 2-3 separate meet ups per day and.  Also, as the situation […]

East Coast Fall 2021 – Ithaca, NY, Part Two

October 12 -15 With more than a couple of days in Ithaca we could relax a bit, do some sightseeing, and perhaps get a good bike ride in.  The weather that first day looked a bit sketchy, so we decided to head to Buttermilk Falls State Park, a 811-acre park named for the frothy appearance […]

Fall Western States, Part Four

November 2 – 13, 20 With a seven hour drive ahead of us, not terribly long but would take most of the day, we left around 9am for Liberal, Kansas.  For most of the drive, our route would traverse a path we’ve covered a number of times in the past while visiting Beverly and Dillon […]