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Copenhagen, Part Six

10/5-10/14 Our final day in Copenhagen would be a busy one.  We’d watched the weather forecasts carefully and aware that rain was on its way scheduled outdoor activities for Sunday (Boat Tour) and Monday (Cemetery and Christiania) leaving a couple of indoor options for a rainy Tuesday. Once again, Bev and I made our way […]

Copenhagen, Part Five

  10/5-10/14 Monday would be another day in Copenhagen with a Simone and Dillon as our tour guides. We took our usual train into Norreport Station, then the number 5 bus into Norrebro to a stop almost directly across from our first visit of the day, Copenhagen’s Assistens Cemetery. We’d intended to look for a […]

Copenhagen, Part Four

10/5-10/14 We arrived back in Copenhagen by early afternoon and bade Simone and Dillon farewell until later that day when we would meet them for dinner back in town. Bev and I took the train back out to Vedbaek and settled in for a relaxing afternoon by ourselves as Maria and Gorm had accompanied the […]

Copenhagen, Part Three

10/5-10/14 Our plans for an early start were sidetracked as we all slept in pretty late, given our post midnight bedtime the night before and the long tiring day that preceded it.  Bev’s knock on or door roused Francois and I around 9am and within a short time, we’d showered, dressed and prepared for another […]

Copenhagen, Part Two

10/5-10/14 Maria gave Bev and I a ride to the Vedbaek train station making our trip to the Copenhagen airport simpler than if we’d walked down to the take the bus.  Simone and Dillon were to meet us at the airport and while we waited for them there, we each got a bite to eat, […]

Copenhagen, Part One

10/5-10/14 This trip all started during a phone call with my sister Bev one-day last spring. She mentioned that she planned to travel to Copenhagen in the fall to spend time with her son Dillon. He has been living there since the middle of last year, and she had flown there for a night during […]