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Europe 2014 – Lucerne – Swiss Sticker Shock

Timeline: September 23rd – 24th With a relatively short and easy drive ahead of us to Lucerne Tuesday morning, we decided to spend a couple of hours walking around Fussen, a charming little town in and of itself. After a very good buffet breakfast at the Zum Hechten, we made our way out into the […]

Europe 2002 – Return to Ludwig’s Way (Koning-Ludwig’s Weg), Part Three

Isn’t funny how a very long hiking experience the day before will make an 11-mile section seem short in comparison.  That’s what our hike through the Ammer Gorge felt like.  The going was relatively easy and an hour or so into the day, we came out of some forest and stopped at a hunters cabin […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Five

Departing Munich on September 9th, we took the S6 line towards Starnberg to begin our multi-day adventure on the King Ludwig’s Way (Konig Ludwig-Weg) a 75 mile long trail set up in 1977 to commemorate this most beloved of Bavarian rulers.  Out plan was to split the journey into about four days of hiking, with […]