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A West Coast Swing – Change is in the Air – Part Two

March 12 – 23 The next three days would be full of activity as we worked around the Mar Vista house to prepare it for pictures to be taken for its listing later in the week. I did drive down to Huntington Beach on Tuesday to meet up with J.B. and Evan for a couple […]

A West Coast Swing – Change is in the Air

March 12 – 23 We needed to use a companion fare ticket with US Air prior to June and as the timing played out, going in March would work the best for all parties involved. We flew out Thursday night March 12th; many years of making this trip have proven that for us, flying out […]

Return to Charlotte – Part Two

February 14 – March 11 Joanna and I made a return visit to the Saucer on Saturday for Valentines Day. Our original plans were to take part in a multi course offering at Bistro 49 on campus with Lyndsay, but it was cancelled late in the week and with the Saucer featuring some special brews […]

Return to Charlotte – Part One

February 6-13 And so we settled back into a routine that we would follow for the foreseeable future, some time at home, some travel, hopefully a nice blend of both. For Joanna this means volunteering one day a week at the NC Horse Protection Society, a non-profit outfit in China Grove that rescues horses and […]

Holiday 2014 – The Long Drive East, Part Two

January 26-30, 2015 Compared to our first couple of days on the road, our drive to Mobile seemed short at about six hours. Interstate 10 takes you past New Orleans and through Bayou Country, miles upon miles of swamp bordering each side of the highway. A stop at a Chik-fil-A netted us a chicken sandwich, […]

Holiday 2014 – The Long Drive East, Part One

January 26-30, 2015 We set off the morning of Monday, January 26th to begin what would be a number of long days of driving. Our plan was to put in ten hours plus to Las Cruces, New Mexico, then twelve hours to Houston, Texas for two nights with Stephanie and Lee, a short six hour […]