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West Coast Summer 2017 – Cisco Fest 2017-Part Two

August 10-12 We would have another full day on Saturday, some shopping in the morning for the BBQ we planned to have later at Jessica and Kris’ apartment and then an afternoon with them hitting a couple of places in Oakland.  Doug, Evan and I made the supermarket run to a Safeway not far away, […]

West Coast Spring 2017, Part Three

Timeline: April 6-17 Lydia and Walter stopped by to pick us up at 10am Sunday morning, Jessica and Kris opting to stay home and instead do some rock climbing.  The drive out to Sunol Regional Wilderness for the Wildflower Festival took about 45 minutes, a pleasant ride on a sparkling spring morning. Established in 1962 […]

West Coast Spring 2017, Part Two

Timeline: April 6-17 We slept in late the next morning and after breakfast and on-line errands set out in the late morning for REI to shop for a replacement pair of hiking boots for me.  For many years I wore Merrell Moab’s as they fit me well and could handle all types of walking and […]

West Coast Holiday 2016, Part One

  Timeline: December 25, 2016 – January 5, 2017 Upon returning home from our fall west coast trip, the days turned into weeks and those into months, as we spent time with friends, riding our bikes, hosting our nephew Dillon (with a surprise addition from sister Bev) at Thanksgiving and preparing for the Christmas holiday […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Kansas, Part One

Timeline: October 19-22 We broke camp and set out around 10:00 am enabling us to make a stop at the Pueblo site we’d visited two days earlier so that Joanna could purchase a ceramic horse she wanted to bring home.  With a seven-hour drive ahead of us and knowing we’d be staying in a motel, […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Oakland, Part Two

Timeline: September 29 – October 2 After a better night’s sleep, we arose to a day with not much planned, just dinner out later on at Chez Panisse.  While Kris and I hung out at the apartment, Joanna and Jessica spent the morning in Berkeley getting Joanna a new piercing for her ear.  Later in […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Oakland, Part One

Timeline: September 29 – October 2 We took off for Oakland mid-morning, stopping in Redding to get gas and some cash from an ATM.  From there it was a smooth and easy drive down I-5, I-505 and then the I-80 into the East Bay.  The drive didn’t take that long, a little under four hours […]