Monthly Archives: September 2015

Lake Norman Campout, Part Two

August 28-30 Cleaned up, we piled into the cars and drove out to the Visitor’s Center for a bit of boating action. Sarah and Hans had brought one of their Kayaks to paddle with the intent to rent another to accompany it while we would make do with a pedal boat. Upon arrival we discovered […]

Lake Norman Campout, Part One

August 28-30 Sarah and Hans, our spring camping partners at Pilot Mountain let us know they would be camping at Lake Norman State Park with their two girls, Reagan and Quinn, at the end of August and wondered if we’d like to join them.  We jumped on the opportunity so Hans went ahead and reserved […]

Los Cisco’s Update

This picture should have been inserted in that last post.

Los Cisco’s 2015, Part Two

August 2-8 The next morning dawned bright and warm and after breakfast, we decided to split the day into two halves, the first part being a drive down to Fort Fisher in order to take the ferry over to Southport, a charming town on the mainland side of the Cape Fear River. The second part […]

Los Cisco’s 2015, Part One

August 2-8 The month of July would fly by as we engaged in our normal activities with one big difference. During a gathering at the Wine Vault with former colleagues at UNC Charlotte, the prospect of my returning to campus in an interim role was broached, as the Director of Parking and Transportation Services. I […]

Asheville, Part Three

July 2-5 Our call to stay at the house that Saturday night turned out to be a good one. It rained off and on for most of the evening and to the best of our knowledge the fireworks show downtown was cancelled. With a show to see the next evening, Dixie’s Tupperware Party, we didn’t […]