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Europe 2014 – Amsterdam (Bev) – Welcome to Field Number Two at Vliegenbos

Timeline: August 5th – 9th Paul at the Fevery suggested we drive a different route to Amsterdam, one that would take us closer to the coast and allow for a visit to Veere, a charming Dutch village along the way. It was indeed a scenic drive, but unfortunately as we pulled into Veere, there was […]

Europe 2014 – Bruges (Brugge) – We Climb to the Top and Tour the Canals

Timeline: August 2nd – 4th This day would be spent seeing as many of Bruges’s typical tourist spots as possible. After a very good and filling breakfast at the Fevery (ham, cheese, yoghurt, cereal, three different types of bread, jams, etc.) we set out for the Markt Square with a brief but fun detour at […]

Europe 2014 – Bruges (Brugge) – Still a Special Place to Visit

Timeline: August 2nd – 4th We decided to use toll roads this day to cut down on driving time and give us the opportunity to make a stop in Rouen, a town Joanna and I visited in 1984 and known for where Joan of Arc was martyred.   In a little less than two hours we […]

Updated Itinerary

As some may have noticed, I’m about two weeks behind in posting. For example, we’re in Dresden today and the last post was Caen.  Here is an updated Itinerary to help keep it sorted out. Where we’ve been since Caen: Saturday August 2 Brugge Tueday August 5 Amsterdam Saturday August 16 Berlin Monday August 25 […]

Updated Post for Normandy

For some reason, the email of the posting for Normandy did not include any pictures.  If you still have the email, you can follow the link to the World Press website to see the post, or just click on this link where you will see it with the pictures

Europe 2014 – Caen and Normandy Beaches – A Sobering Day of Reflection (Re-Post)

The original post yesterday did not include the pictures so am resending it to see if it will correct the problem. Timeline: July 31st  – August 1st We had intended to get an early start on Thursday in order to drive to Mont Saint Michel for the day before spending the next two nights in […]

Europe 2014 – Versailles – The Ultimate Palace, Just Not in July

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th I’ll put it right out there.  This ended up being a long day full of challenges, hard physical work, overwhelming conditions at Versailles all capped off by a dinner so full of life, we went well into the night.  It’s one I’ll long remember for the way all three of […]

Europe 2014 – Paris – The Tower at Night

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th Having been up late the night before for the big announcement, we slept in on Tuesday and got a later start knowing that the next day would bring an early departure, as we would be checking out of the Cosmos and heading out to Versailles. We left mid-morning and on […]

Europe 2014 – Paris – This Town’s Greatest Hits

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th We determined that Monday was going to be full day with Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower on the docket whereby we’d start to utilize the Metro and Bus systems to more efficiently move around town.  Having noted the lines at Notre Dame on Saturday, we resolved to get there […]

Europe 2014 – Paris – Tour de France Redux

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th To put it bluntly, our plan for the two weeks with Bev was to walk her hard and keep her so busy we’d have to pour her on the plane for the return trip to Kansas.  Looking back in hindsight though as I write this a week or so later, […]