Updated Itinerary

As some may have noticed, I’m about two weeks behind in posting. For example, we’re in Dresden today and the last post was Caen.  Here is an updated Itinerary to help keep it sorted out.

Where we’ve been since Caen:

Saturday August 2 Brugge
Tueday August 5 Amsterdam
Saturday August 16 Berlin
Monday August 25 Dresden

And here is where we plan to go.  Dates and places for Italy are still a little sketch but should firm up in the next couple of weeks:

Thursday August 28 Prague
Wednesday Sept 3 Vienna
Monday Sept 8 Salzburg
Thursday Sept 11 Munich
Wednesday Sept 17 Ruette, Austria
Tuesday Sept 19 Munich
Monday Sept 22 Fussen
Tuesday Sept 23 Lucerne
Saturday Sept 25 Geneva
Tuesday Sept 28 Italy
Saturday Oct 11 Siena
Wednesday Oct 15 Rome
Saturday Oct 18 Florence
Tuesday Oct 21 La Spezia – Cinqua Terre
Thursday Oct 23 Milano
Saturday Oct 25 Enroute to drop off
Wednesday Oct 29 Antwerp
Saturday Nov 1 Fly Home to Charlotte



  1. Brett Perozzi · · Reply

    Hello Jerry, it is fun to keep up with your travels 🙂 I’m going to be in Italy the same time that you are there; however, I don’t know if we’ll be close enough to hook up. Seems like we’re about a week apart. I’ll be in Rome Oct. 22-24, but participating in the Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services those days. Teri arrives Oct. 25 in Rome, and we leave the 26th for Naples, then Calabria, then Ascoli Piceno. It looks like we’ll just miss each other, but shoot me a note when you have a chance. It seems like you guys are having a great time. Best wishes for continued great travels!



    1. We’ll be with Joanna’s sister that last week in Italy, moving north towards Milano. Let’s keep each other in mind as we might still connect

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