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Europe – Why Do We Love It So 1977, Part Two

And so, I arrived in Calais, bidding my German acquaintances a fond auf Wiedersehen and wondering what opportunities I might have passed up in doing so.  The road taken though doesn’t allow for much looking back or regrets as I purchased my passage across the channel and prepared to wait for the next ferry.  It […]

Europe 2014 – Brussels: We Have Pride

We slept well that night and awoke to another tasty buffet breakfast.  The now familiar walk up to the St. Catherine Metro stop, transfer to the train to Antwerp, and handling tickets all seemed to go more smoothly.  We arrived at Antwerp Central in less than an hour and found ourselves in one of those […]

Europe 2014 – Brussels: We Have Arrived

We thought we had a lot of time built into our last couple of days in Charlotte, but the number of small tasks that needed completing in order for us to leave the house and our affairs in order for six months took care of the entirety of Monday and had us hustling Tuesday morning.  […]

Europe 1977 – The Start of the Adventure

Waxing philosophical will play a role in this blog, but at other times posts will be more mundane.  Where we went, what we ate, who we saw.  You get the drill.  This one will begin to explore the history of our travels to Europe and why it is the first big destination for us as […]