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Europe 2022 – Munich, Part Five

June 25 – 27 The next morning, given the long lead time between waking up and eventually getting food on the plane, we opted to enjoy the hotel breakfast at 12-Euros apiece and were very glad to have done so as it came a close second to the one we had experienced at the Meininger […]

Europe 2022 – Munich, Part Four

June 25 – 27 Having been to Munich so many times in the past and although it seems hard to believe from these last couple of posts that all we did while here was drink beer, in fact we’ve hit almost all the major tourist spots.  These would be, in no particular order:   In […]

Europe 2022 – Munich, Part Three

June 25 – 27 We entered the BMW Museum on the ground floor and then worked our way to the top of the “salad bowl or white cauldron” via a spiral walkway then wound our way back down a floor or two, the exhibits here focusing on the company’s sustainability initiatives.  From the first-floor ground […]

Europe 2022 – Munich, Part Two

June 25 – 27 After finishing up our welcome drinks at the Premier, we made our way up the street to Karlsplatz, which is the gateway on Neuhauser Strasse to Munich’s pedestrian only historic center and its highpoint, the Marienplatz.  Our destination was a familiar one, unique in that of all of the towns we […]

Europe 2022 – Munich, Part One

June 25 – 27 Given that our train trip to Munich this day would take less than two hours, we opted for a late morning departure that would get us into town around 2:30, just before check-in at Premier Inn Munich City Zentrum Hotel, our hotel for the duration.  We left the Pensione with an […]

Europe 2022 – Innsbruck, Part Two

June 23 – 24 We set out the next day to see as much as we could within walking distance of the pensione, easy to do given our central location.  First up though was to head a block towards the train station to stop in at the MPREIS on the corner.  An Austrian food retail […]

Europe 2022 – Innsbruck, Part One

June 23 – 24 Knowing we had a long day on the train ahead of us with multiple stops, we left the apartment early enough to grab a bite to eat at Café New York near the train station.  Being familiar with the town now, we opted to walk to the café instead of taking […]

Europe 2022 – Lucca, Part Five

June 20 – 22 As we resume our time in Pisa, we left the Baptistry and walked across the property to the two long buildings known as the Camposanto Monumentale or Monumental Cemetery.  This walled cemetery is said to have been built around a shipload of sacred soil from Calvary, brought back to Pisa from […]

Europe 2022 – Lucca, Part Three

June 20 – 22 After relaxing at the apartment for a while, we walked the couple of blocks it took us to arrive at Trattoria Da Giulio Surl, where we had made our reservations the day before.  The restaurant abuts the outer wall of Lucca and most of the seating is outside.  We arrived just […]

Europe 2022 – Lucca, Part Two

June 20 – 22 After breakfast the next day we set out to discover all we could about this charming walled Tuscan city of 89,000, with a provincial population of 384,000.  Lucca is known as one of the Italian’s “Città d’arte” (Arts town), thanks to its intact Renaissance-era city walls and its very well-preserved historic […]