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Europe 1979 – The Adventure Continues

I returned briefly to Los Angeles in late 1977 and would then join Doug Hoggatt for nine months in Hemet (a time truly to be remembered), then six months living in the Sierra Nevada gold rush country (Murphy’s and Angels Camp) working for the State of California harvesting pine cones with Norm Benson, a gig […]

Europe 1977 – The Start of the Adventure

Waxing philosophical will play a role in this blog, but at other times posts will be more mundane.  Where we went, what we ate, who we saw.  You get the drill.  This one will begin to explore the history of our travels to Europe and why it is the first big destination for us as […]

Bittersweet the Leaving

The last 2-3 weeks have presented a peek at what the future will bring for us in the next couple of years, as we separate from the security of our day-to-day work lives and adopt a lifestyle not necessarily dependent upon a fixed schedule.  The first glimpse was during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, when for […]

A Funny Thing Happened Friday Night

A funny thing happened to me last Friday night.  A colleague from work, Kemet, had won a pair of tickets to the Charlotte Bobcats basketball game and invited me to join him.  I picked him up prior to the game and we made it into downtown (Uptown) Charlotte easily enough, found parking in the dirt […]