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Europe 2017 – Summary, Part Four

August 24 – November 15 The next big portion of the trip was spent in Spain, where we took on the challenge of completing the Camino de Santiago.  What would have been approximately five weeks walking got shortened by ten days when we decided to rent bikes to finish our trek.  We used nine of […]

Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Fourteen

October 18 – 19, Santiago de Compostela to Astorga Our arrival on October 16th in Santiago was two weeks earlier than originally anticipated due to our switching to the bikes, giving us two weeks of time to fill.  After some deliberation, we decided to retrace some of our steps, this time as tourists, by revisiting […]

Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Twelve

October 16 – 18, Santiago de Compostela We finished off the Cava and in a light drizzle walked over to the Pilgrim’s Reception Office to see about getting our certificates.  As it was late in the day the line was pretty long, likely a 30-minute wait and knowing we had all of the next day […]

Europe 2017 – The Camino de Santiago – Part Eleven

October 15 – 18, Melide to Santiago de Compostela We arose to dark skies, a combination of the latitude of Spain (it doesn’t get light here this time of year until after 8am) and the smoke from the fires, which had been dampened by a mist that would turn into rain later in the day.  […]

Europe 2014 – Santiago de Compostela – The End of the Camino

We’d stopped at a Carrefour in Lugo and picked up dinner supplies there, so we set up at Camping As Cancelas, had our meal, including a bottle of that nice white wine we’d discovered in Pamplona, and then made our way down to the restaurant/bar of the campground to check out the ambience and the […]

Europe 2014 – Burgos and Leon or the Hit and Run Cathedral Tour

  Our plan for the next two days would be to stay in a hotel each night in Burgos and Leon.  Outside of their respective cathedrals, neither town had much more to see and for a bit more than the cost of camping, we could take in the sights, make time, and gain a day […]