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West Coast Spring 2018 – Seattle, Part Four

July 10 – 13 We met Lincoln for dinner that night at Frank’s Oyster House and Champagne Parlor, just a couple of miles from our place and not far from UW, where he is a senior level administrator.  I first met him in the late 1990’s when I was the Director of the Student Union […]

West Coast Spring 2018 – Seattle, Part Three

July 10 – 13 We arrived at Lonnie and Steve’s house and while seated on their backyard patio Uncle Chuck and Aunt Chong made their appearance.  This was our first-time meeting Steve and afterwards found ourselves sorry that we’d not had the chance to do so earlier in he and Lonnie’s long marriage. As for […]

West Coast Spring 2018 – Seattle, Part Two

July 10 – 13 Our second day in Seattle was well thought out and if properly executed would see us knocking out 2-3 tourist attractions before heading to Steilacoom (just outside Tacoma) to meet up with my Uncle Chuck, his wife Chong, cousin Lonnie and her husband Steve. Our first stop was Safeco Field, where […]

West Coast Spring 2018 – Seattle, Part One

July 10 – 13 Our drive to Seattle went smoothly until we got to the metropolitan area, right around Tacoma, where traffic backed up.  This would be the underpinning of our stay, congested freeways (often due to construction) and heavy use of the arteries that feed them.  We were scheduled to meet with our friend […]