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Europe 2014 – Siena 2 – A Tuscan Day Trip

Timeline: October 11th – 13th Having been to Italy and Siena once before, Lyndsay had a well-defined agenda for her short stay with us; drink wine and eat good food. Our objective for the Monday, plotted out the day before under the influence of a bottle of red wine, would be the two well-known cities […]

Europe 2014 – Siena – We Seek Out the Tuscan Wine and Food Experience

Timeline: October 11th – 13th Lyndsay arrived at the Siena Central Train Station late Saturday afternoon; we picked her up and brought her back the short distance to camp. We’d laid into some wine and snacks and spent an hour or two relaxing and getting caught up on news from home, solidifying plans for the […]

Europe 2014 – Siena Pre – We Ride to the Top of the Hill in Chianti

Timeline: October 6th – 10th On the way back to camp from the Apple Store on Tuesday we stopped in at the small town of Monteriggioni. We parked in the large lot at the bottom of the hill and walked up to the town, stopping to enjoy a gelato in its main square, then walking […]

Europe 2014 – Siena Pre – You Are Supposed to Make an Appointment for the Genius Bar

Timeline: October 6th – 10th The drive down to Siena went smoothly and we pulled into Camping Siena Colleverde in the early afternoon under overcast and slightly muggy conditions. I had camped here in 1979 with Rendy Richards and then again in 1984 with Joanna, Heike, and Francois, that memorable occasion when we stumbled upon […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Three

We set off sometime before noon planning to arrive in Siena later in the afternoon.  During the preceding days I’d sold our little group on the campground where we would be staying, just outside Siena’s city walls.  Sitting on a hillside, its terraced campsites overlooked a very nice swimming pool, one we would surely enjoy […]

Europe 1979 – The Adventure Continues

I returned briefly to Los Angeles in late 1977 and would then join Doug Hoggatt for nine months in Hemet (a time truly to be remembered), then six months living in the Sierra Nevada gold rush country (Murphy’s and Angels Camp) working for the State of California harvesting pine cones with Norm Benson, a gig […]