Monthly Archives: November 2016

West Coast Tour 2016 – San Clemente

  Timeline: October 6-7 We spent a pleasant Wednesday night at Sheila and J.B.’s place ( one of the best parts of the trip has been the opportunity to spend quality time with people we don’t get to see too often) and took off Thursday morning to drive to Escondido to meet my former boss […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Los Angeles

  Timeline: October 3-5 We left the apartment Monday morning not long after Jessica and Kris took off for work, a routine we’ve grown used to in the last few years given our frequent trips here.  As we’ve done before we stopped at a Starbucks just off the I-580 around Livermore, then continued to the […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Oakland, Part Two

Timeline: September 29 – October 2 After a better night’s sleep, we arose to a day with not much planned, just dinner out later on at Chez Panisse.  While Kris and I hung out at the apartment, Joanna and Jessica spent the morning in Berkeley getting Joanna a new piercing for her ear.  Later in […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Oakland, Part One

Timeline: September 29 – October 2 We took off for Oakland mid-morning, stopping in Redding to get gas and some cash from an ATM.  From there it was a smooth and easy drive down I-5, I-505 and then the I-80 into the East Bay.  The drive didn’t take that long, a little under four hours […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Mt. Lassen National Park

  Timeline: September 27-28 We ate breakfast in the room at the Budget Inn, checked out, gassed up next door at the Pilot, topped off the coffee mug and headed south on Highway 97 towards Klamath Falls and our destination for the next two nights, Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park.  It is centered around Lassen […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Crater Lake – Part Two

  Timeline: September 25-26 The next morning, we drove back to Crater Lake, entered the park and headed down the East Rim just past the Phantom Ship viewpoint to the turn off to the Pinnacles.  A few miles down the road we parked and did a two mile out and back hike to Plaikni Falls.  […]