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Europe 2014 – Vienna – The Dichotomy of Schloss Schoenbrunn and Gyros

Timeline: September 7th – 10th Our last day in Vienna would be simple; laundry in the morning and a visit to Schloss Schoenbrunn in the afternoon. One of the advantages of travel today is the wide variety of clothing one can use to make it easier, particularly travel on the run. During my earlier journeys, I […]

Europe 2014 – Vienna – A Good Day’s Ride and a Little Night Music

Timeline: September 7th – 10th Determined to ride the next day, Tuesday, we conferred with the girls next door. After having ridden their bikes from Frankfurt, they were up each day for biking outings in and around Vienna. We asked them about places to ride and they confirmed that the island near camp was the place […]

Europe 2014 – Vienna – On the Trail of the Great Composers

Timeline: September 7th – 10th Although just a short 200 kilometers (126 miles) drive from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna from a mileage perspective, the need to take country roads in the Czech Republic added extra driving time to the trip. We entered Austria a couple of hours after noon and stopped for gas at an OMV […]

Europe 2014 – Cesky Krumlov – We Ride and Then We Ride Some More

Timeline: September 3rd – 6th The next two days (we decided to stay one more night) would be devoted to enjoying Cesky’s beautiful outdoors and some predicted nice weather. We’d also take advantage of our warm and dry indoor conditions making use of the very slow Wi-Fi (with good coverage I can load a blog […]

Europe 2014 – Cesky Krumlov – A Hidden Gem

Timeline: September 3rd – 6th The drive to Cesky Krumlov took some time, all of it being on small roads with lots of speeding up and slowing down. We stopped in a little town for a bite to eat in the early afternoon, a truck stop of sorts, ordering a hamburger, fries and a coffee, […]

Europe 2014 – Prague – In Search of Distant Memories

Timeline: August 29h – September 2nd Our second day in town would be taken up with a visit to Prague Castle. Perched high atop the city in the Castle Quarter. For more than a thousand years Czech leaders have ruled from Prague Castle. We entered the grounds from Castle Square, the beginning of 1,500 feet […]

Europe 2014 – Prague – How Much Has it Changed?

Timeline: August 29h – September 2nd The drive to Prague went easy, mostly autobahn as we left Germany, then small country roads in the Czech Republic. Toll roads in this country are paid for with a sticker you purchase and place in the car. We stopped at a gas station just inside the country to […]

Europe 2014 – Dresden – My That is a Very Nice Volkswagen

Timeline: August 25h – 28th With our appointment at the VW factory for noon, we could take our time in camp the next morning and relax a bit. Camping Mockritz bakes bread and croissants each morning and it was a delight to walk over to the reception/market and pick up warm carbohydrates to go along […]

Europe 2014 – Dresden – Ghosts of Kurt Vonnegut

Timeline: August 25h – 28th The drive down to Dresden took a little under three hours, almost all of it on high-speed autobahn and we arrived at Campground Dresden-Mockritz later in the day. Located in a suburb, it is surrounded by a residential neighborhood without many services. The restaurant at the campground was closed (we […]

Europe 2014 – Berlin – More Rides and More Sights

Timeline: August 16th – 24th Over the course of the next four days we’d devote two of the days to bike riding and two to sightseeing. Our rides took us along pretty much the same route, northwest out of camp along the canal, following the bike signs as we went. Our second go at the […]