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Europe 2014 – Berlin – More Rides and More Sights

Timeline: August 16th – 24th Over the course of the next four days we’d devote two of the days to bike riding and two to sightseeing. Our rides took us along pretty much the same route, northwest out of camp along the canal, following the bike signs as we went. Our second go at the […]

Europe 2014 – Berlin – We Walk and We Remember

Timeline: August 16th – 24th The next day we were back in town to do one of the Steve’s self-guided walks, essentially retracing on foot what we’d done the previous days on bus and bike. We started in front of the Reichstag, and then passed by the Memorial to Politicians Who Opposed Hitler, the Berlin […]

Europe 2014 – Berlin – We Ride, Get Lost, and Find Our Way

Timeline: August 16th – 24th Putting into action our goal of riding more, that Tuesday we saddled up and rode east along the Saatwinkler Damm canal towards the center of the city. A blue-sky day with a bit of a chill (it would be cold our entire stay in Berlin) it was good to be […]

Europe 2014 – Berlin – Help From a Friendly Stranger

Timeline: August 16th – 24th   The long drive to Berlin was easier to manage as it was all on autobahn, with a number of stretches that had no posted speed limit. The GPS we are using, a Garmin 3590 (a very fine device) shows the current speed limit and your actual speed in the […]