Monthly Archives: July 2016

West Coast Spring Swing, Part Five

May 5-17 On the way back to Oakland on Friday we stopped in Grants Pass to get the car washed (it was very, very dirty), fill the tank, and pick up a big coffee at Dutch Bros Coffee, our go to stop just before getting on the I-5. I parked the car some feet away […]

West Coast Spring Swing, Part Four

May 5-17 Wednesday was our day to spend some time in Grants Pass, stopping at a brew pub we’d visited our last time through in 2015 and checking in with our longtime friend from Los Angeles, Mark.  We spent the morning reading and writing and in the early afternoon drove the forty minutes it takes […]

West Coast Spring Swing, Part Three

  May 5-17 We left Monday morning after seeing Jessica and Kris (J&K) off to work, heading north on I-80 towards Sacramento, stopping briefly at a Starbucks to redeem a reward, in this case a gigantic latte, before turning north on the I-505 (a nice short-cut eliminating the need to go into Sacramento) and hooking […]

West Coast Spring Swing, Part Two

May 5-17 Two short weeks passed and we were back at the airport on the Thursday the 5th for our flight to San Francisco, the beginning of one of our regular not quite two week visits to see Jessica and Kris.  By now these trips have become routine, much like the many we undertook after […]