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Europe 1984 – the Big Trip, Part Seven

Landing at JFK, we picked up a shuttle that took us to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, close to our next destination, Jan and Brian Dobbs house in nearby Voorhees.  Jan is a childhood friend of Joanna’s and remains so to this day.  She had moved back to New Jersey when they were in High School, […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Six

Having arrived in Munich on September 17th, the start of Oktoberfest was still five days away, beginning on Saturday the 22nd.  Because of this, Camping Thalkirchen was still relatively deserted with lots of open space in which to pitch our tent. We spent the next four days sightseeing and shopping, taking in the Hellabrunn Zoo, the […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Five

Departing Munich on September 9th, we took the S6 line towards Starnberg to begin our multi-day adventure on the King Ludwig’s Way (Konig Ludwig-Weg) a 75 mile long trail set up in 1977 to commemorate this most beloved of Bavarian rulers.  Out plan was to split the journey into about four days of hiking, with […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Four

Florence is just an hour up the road from Siena and we arrived at our destination there, Camping Michelangelo and picked out a good spot.  Located just down the hill from Piazza Michelangelo, the campground sits high above the River Arno about a 20-minute walk from central Florence.  This would be my third stay; the […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Three

We set off sometime before noon planning to arrive in Siena later in the afternoon.  During the preceding days I’d sold our little group on the campground where we would be staying, just outside Siena’s city walls.  Sitting on a hillside, its terraced campsites overlooked a very nice swimming pool, one we would surely enjoy […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part Two

We set out from Paris on July 25th to spend about a week traveling and camping along the Normandy coast.  Our first stop was Rouen, famous as the place where Joan of Arc was executed in 1431. After two nights we drove south paralleling the coast, with the top down, through Dieppe, Le Havre, Honfleur, […]

Europe 1984 – The Big Trip, Part One

By the end of 1983 we had started planning for a big trip, one that would take us on a grand adventure.  This was primarily the result of a couple of unrelated factors, each equally important in pushing us to commit to a plan where we would leave our jobs and travel for multiple months. […]