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Europe 2022 – Montpellier, Part One

June 15 – 17 We finished breakfast at the Meininger, grabbed our bags and made the now less taxing trek to Gare Bordeaux and boarded the train to enjoy our reserved seats at a cost of 24.22-Euros ($26.40).  A couple of cups of coffee from the small food station in one of the cars complemented […]

Europe 2014 – Montigny – The Last Time We Visit Francois Here, the End of an Era

Timeline: October 25th – 28th Up early for our long drive to Montigny (we’d reconfigured the car the day before, putting the bikes inside) we hit the breakfast room promptly at 7am and filled up for the road ahead. It was still a bit dark out as we backed the car from the narrow space […]

Europe 2014 – Paris – Nothing Better Than Seeing a Good Friend Again

Timeline: July 24th  – 30th Given our experience on the way to Lyon on non-toll roads, we decided to damage the budget a bit and use them to get to Francois’ in Montigny.  Using a new tool we’d discovered, the Michelin Route Planner, a Google Maps type of website that calculates the various routes you […]

Europe 2014 – Montigny, Part Two (May 22-26)

Note to our followers: We recommend the use of Chrome as your browser for one important reason.  It will automatically translate into English many of the web pages I’ve listed a link for.  It is a very handy tool to have available.  We had called ahead to let Francois know we would arrive around 7:00pm […]

Europe 2014 – Montigny, just outside the city of light

Google maps says it is about 225 miles from Bray-Dunes to Francois’ place in Montigny-Le-Brettoneux, not too long of a drive if you stay on the motorways and make good time.  But we had a different agenda, one where we would attempt to locate the farm south of Calais where I spent the weekend in […]

Europe 2007 – The Start of a New Adventure, Part Four

We made the five-hour drive down to Francois’ place in Montigny without any further incident.  It would be our first time to his new apartment, which he shared with his son Axel, after so many visits to the house that he and Heike had shared during our past journeys.  With their divorce a few years […]

Europe 1998 – A Journey Rewarded, Part Four

The flight on Ryan Air, a pioneering company that changed how folks travel there, was uneventful.  Our first on an airline within Europe; on prior trips you either drove or took the train, as intercity travel by air was very expensive.  Ryan Air’s introduction of Southwest Airlines model pricing and penchant for flying in and […]

Europe 1992 – Jessica’s Hungarian Birthday, Part Four

We would spend five full days at Francois and Heike’s, marveling at how all of our lives had changed in the eight years since our last visit in 1984.  In that time, we’d all had children, purchased homes, and pretty much settled into the careers that would sustain us through adulthood. This connection to Francois […]

Europe 1992 – Jessica’s Hungarian Birthday, Part Three

We left on October 18th heading to Prague, figuring it would take us a couple of days of driving as we were going to take smaller roads and make a stop at Aggtelek National Park, which is a couple of hours northeast of Eger.   Aggtelek is the first Hungarian national park to be dedicated to […]