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Europe 2002 – Return to Ludwig’s Way (Koning-Ludwig’s Weg), Part Three

Isn’t funny how a very long hiking experience the day before will make an 11-mile section seem short in comparison.  That’s what our hike through the Ammer Gorge felt like.  The going was relatively easy and an hour or so into the day, we came out of some forest and stopped at a hunters cabin […]

Europe 2002 – Return to Ludwig’s Way (Koning-Ludwig’s Weg), Part One

As the year 2002 approached and with it our 20th anniversary, Joanna and I both thought it appropriate to return to Europe much as we had done to celebrate our 10th in 1992.  I had been contemplating for some time to put together the type of adventure you might see advertised in a brochure or […]

Europe 1999 – The Hunt for Starkbier, Part Two

Alex, Hap, and I drove down to Munich the next day and checked into the Hotel Bristol, just off the Sonnenstrasse near Sendlinger Tor, a city gate at the southern extremity of the historic old town.  It served as a fortification during the Middle Ages and is one of Munich’s three remaining gothic town gates.  […]

Europe 1999 – The Hunt for Starkbier, Part One

Possibly as a result of getting a new car, one perfect for cruising the interstates, we made a number of trips in the fall of 1998.  One long weekend we went to Yosemite along with Irene Thomas Johnson to meet up with Norm Benson for a one-day assault on Half Dome.  Getting overnight accommodations in […]

Europe 1998 – A Journey Rewarded, Part Four

The flight on Ryan Air, a pioneering company that changed how folks travel there, was uneventful.  Our first on an airline within Europe; on prior trips you either drove or took the train, as intercity travel by air was very expensive.  Ryan Air’s introduction of Southwest Airlines model pricing and penchant for flying in and […]

Europe 1998 – A Journey Rewarded, Part Three

We would see Lynn and Tony again back in the States more than once when they would make a trip to the west coast to visit the other members of the Kelly family.  The vagaries of life do not always play out the way one expects, nor desires.  Having once been included, as members of […]