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Europe 2014 – Prague – In Search of Distant Memories

Timeline: August 29h – September 2nd Our second day in town would be taken up with a visit to Prague Castle. Perched high atop the city in the Castle Quarter. For more than a thousand years Czech leaders have ruled from Prague Castle. We entered the grounds from Castle Square, the beginning of 1,500 feet […]

Europe 2014 – Prague – How Much Has it Changed?

Timeline: August 29h – September 2nd The drive to Prague went easy, mostly autobahn as we left Germany, then small country roads in the Czech Republic. Toll roads in this country are paid for with a sticker you purchase and place in the car. We stopped at a gas station just inside the country to […]

Europe 1992 – Jessica’s Hungarian Birthday, Part Three

We left on October 18th heading to Prague, figuring it would take us a couple of days of driving as we were going to take smaller roads and make a stop at Aggtelek National Park, which is a couple of hours northeast of Eger.   Aggtelek is the first Hungarian national park to be dedicated to […]