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West Coast Summer 2017 – Cisco Fest 2017-Part Two

August 10-12 We would have another full day on Saturday, some shopping in the morning for the BBQ we planned to have later at Jessica and Kris’ apartment and then an afternoon with them hitting a couple of places in Oakland.  Doug, Evan and I made the supermarket run to a Safeway not far away, […]

West Coast Summer 2017 – Cisco Fest 2017-Part One

August 10-12 With the wedding of Jessica and Kris scheduled for the bay area in August, the other Cisco’s gracefully agreed to hold our annual gathering there, giving Joanna and I an opportunity to introduce them to part of a city we’ve come to know so well, Oakland.  We’d be staying at the Courtyard Marriott […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Denver

Timeline: September 3-6 With a moderate drive ahead of us to Denver we had camp partially broken the night before, enabling us to get out of Spearfish right around 9:00 am.  We went west a short distance into Wyoming, then turned south for the rest of the journey.  A couple of hours into the drive […]

The Legend of Los Cisco’s

  The Start of it All Much has been written in this Blog about the unique group of characters that have come to be called Los Ciscos. Who they are and how we came to be friends covers a lot of ground. And it all started in the late 1950’s when on a field trip […]

Los Cisco’s Update

This picture should have been inserted in that last post.

Los Cisco’s 2015, Part Two

August 2-8 The next morning dawned bright and warm and after breakfast, we decided to split the day into two halves, the first part being a drive down to Fort Fisher in order to take the ferry over to Southport, a charming town on the mainland side of the Cape Fear River. The second part […]

Los Cisco’s 2015, Part One

August 2-8 The month of July would fly by as we engaged in our normal activities with one big difference. During a gathering at the Wine Vault with former colleagues at UNC Charlotte, the prospect of my returning to campus in an interim role was broached, as the Director of Parking and Transportation Services. I […]