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Europe 2014 – The Itinerary – As Far as it Goes

Here is the itinerary for the trip.  Some is already completed, others yet to come and all is quite fluid with the exception of those dates where we are joining family and friends in particular places.  If we think there will be significant changes, we’ll post updates along the way. Day Month Date Destination Notes […]

Europe 2014 – Montigny, just outside the city of light

Google maps says it is about 225 miles from Bray-Dunes to Francois’ place in Montigny-Le-Brettoneux, not too long of a drive if you stay on the motorways and make good time.  But we had a different agenda, one where we would attempt to locate the farm south of Calais where I spent the weekend in […]

Europe 2014 – Camping du Perroquet: Seriously, We’re Thinking of Doing this for Six Months?

We left Brussels after checking out of Maison Noble mid-morning, saying farewell to Matthieu as he saw us off in order to see the Highlander we’d been talking about.  As check in time for the campground we’d be staying at wasn’t until 2:00 pm and the drive would only take about 90 minutes, we decided […]

Europe 2014 – Brussels: We Have Pride

We slept well that night and awoke to another tasty buffet breakfast.  The now familiar walk up to the St. Catherine Metro stop, transfer to the train to Antwerp, and handling tickets all seemed to go more smoothly.  We arrived at Antwerp Central in less than an hour and found ourselves in one of those […]

Europe 2014 – Brussels: We Have Arrived

We thought we had a lot of time built into our last couple of days in Charlotte, but the number of small tasks that needed completing in order for us to leave the house and our affairs in order for six months took care of the entirety of Monday and had us hustling Tuesday morning.  […]

Europe 2014 – Prepare for Liftoff, Part Two

The choice to buy the car was actually two decisions in one as it meant we’d be shipping it to Europe.  Thus began the search for a firm to use for that purpose.  Throughout the planning process I used a book titled Take Your RV To Europe: The Low-Cost Route To Long-Term Touring Paperback by […]

Europe 2014 – Prepare for Liftoff, Part One

Hopefully followers of this blog will now understand why this idea of a long trip to Europe to celebrate/initiate our transition from full time work is a path that makes sense for us.  From my first trip in 1977, Europe has been the launching pad for personal reinvention as well as great destination to visit.  […]

Europe 2007 – The Start of a New Adventure, Part Four

We made the five-hour drive down to Francois’ place in Montigny without any further incident.  It would be our first time to his new apartment, which he shared with his son Axel, after so many visits to the house that he and Heike had shared during our past journeys.  With their divorce a few years […]