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West Coast Spring 2018 – Bend

July 7 – 9 A hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs sent us on our way to the next stop in the itinerary, my Brother’s place in Bend.  We cruised into Grants Pass to get gas and ice, not stopping as usual at Cary’s for toffee as they had unexpectedly closed earlier in the year. […]

West Coast Spring 2018 – Kamp Angst

July 3 – 6 Feeling a bit better the next morning we broke camp and with a short drive ahead of us, I considered duplicating Joanna’s hike and bike of the day before but once contemplated, realized I really wasn’t up for the exercise.  So, we began our drive thinking we’d stop in Crescent City […]

West Coast Summer 2017 – Kamp Angst

August 13-16 It was a festive night at Kamp Angst that evening as we celebrated yet another gathering at this place that means so much to us.  Coming here was the first trip Joanna and I took as a couple not long after we moved in together in 1981 and we’ve returned almost every year […]

West Coast Summer 2017 – Cisco Fest 2017-Part Two

August 10-12 We would have another full day on Saturday, some shopping in the morning for the BBQ we planned to have later at Jessica and Kris’ apartment and then an afternoon with them hitting a couple of places in Oakland.  Doug, Evan and I made the supermarket run to a Safeway not far away, […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Crater Lake – Part Two

  Timeline: September 25-26 The next morning, we drove back to Crater Lake, entered the park and headed down the East Rim just past the Phantom Ship viewpoint to the turn off to the Pinnacles.  A few miles down the road we parked and did a two mile out and back hike to Plaikni Falls.  […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Kamp Angst/Rogue River – Part Two

  Timeline: September 19-24 We arose the next morning ready for another big breakfast and weren’t disappointed.  This is not fancy food, but it is good quality and there is plenty of it, something like eating at home if your Mom was a good cook.  We made our own sandwiches this time, packed up our […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Kamp Angst/Rogue River – Part One

Timeline: September 19-24 We drove down out of Bend around the north side of Crater Lake and made way for the REI in Medford to pick up the Osprey pack I had ordered.  We arrived in good time, completed the transaction and then drove a short distance to a nearby In-N-Out, our first stop of […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Bend

Timeline: September 15-18 The drive to Bend wouldn’t take long so we dawdled a bit in the morning before heading south on the I-5 to cross over the Cascades at Salem.  As we’ve posted about Bend before when visiting my brother, I’ll condense this report on our visit as much of it was taken up […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Portland – Part Two

  Timeline: September 12-14 With Brian off to work early Tuesday morning we spent a bit more time getting caught up with Colleen and then the three of us drove into downtown Portland for a stop at Powell’s, self-described as the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world.  And as one of our […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Portland – Part One

Timeline: September 12-14 Our next destination was Portland, two full days of driving ahead of us.  We’d split the distance almost in two and stop for the night near Boise.  Having done some pre-packing the night before, we broke camp early and were out by about 7:30am.  It was quiet in Moab, a Sunday morning […]