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West Coast Spring 2018 – Los Angeles

June 11 – 13 Our three nights in Los Angeles would follow a familiar pattern, visiting old haunts, seeing good friends, maybe a bike ride or two and best of all, an obligatory dinner at Paco’s.  And that is pretty much how it went, a lot of it old news to those who follow this […]

Europe 2014 – Lucerne – Swiss Sticker Shock

Timeline: September 23rd – 24th With a relatively short and easy drive ahead of us to Lucerne Tuesday morning, we decided to spend a couple of hours walking around Fussen, a charming little town in and of itself. After a very good buffet breakfast at the Zum Hechten, we made our way out into the […]

Europe 2014 – Fussen – Buy One Get One Free Castle

Timeline: September 22nd Monday would be a full day with our planned drive a couple of hours into the Bavarian Alps to take in both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein before checking in to our hotel, the Zum Hecten in Fussen. Our departure in the morning was a little complicated as Marty needed to pick up a […]

Europe 2014 – Fest 3 – Escape from Oktoberfest

Timeline: September 19th – 21st We all arose the next morning, Sunday, none too worse for wear and with just a few rough edges showing. John Greely was to fly back to London later in the afternoon and so by late morning we all gathered to make our way back to central Munich for a […]

Europe 2014 – Fest 2 – Oktoberfest from a Locals Perspective

Timeline: September 19th – 21st The plan for the Saturday of Fest was to venture to Marienplatz at 10:00 am for a two hour guided tour of Munich (through the TI), then meet up with Marcus (Marty’s distributor in Munich) and Jeff (Marty’s business partner) back at the hotel around 3:00pm in order to make […]

Europe 2014 – Fest 1 – Jessica, Kris and John Arrive and the Fun Really Begins (Updated)

Timeline: September 19th – 21st Editors Note: Jessica had graciously agreed to pen a few posts for me, allowing for a slightly different take on our travels. I’m sure you will enjoy her writing and her perspective.   After a hectic morning in London trying to get from our hotel at Piccadilly Circus to the […]

Europe 2014 – Munich – Welcome Kim and Marty (Updated with Pictures)

Timeline: September 18th – 19th We packed up camp that Thursday morning and drove back up through Munich, pretty much following the path we took to get to Thalkirchen and then crossed the Isar and found our way to the Sheraton Arabellapark. Kim and Marty had already checked in and he met us down in […]